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PGS company (Pezhvak Gostar Sepahan) is an engineering ICT company who provides complete end to end solution and services in field of telecommunication and IP network engineering these services is based on highest standard in the world, and our valuable services containing all requirements that ICT operators or vendors demands in their network roll out or planning or even establishment of a new network including infrastructure, mobile or fixed networks.     

Pezhvak Gostar Sepahan  (PGS Co.) is an engineering ICT company that establish in 2007. PGS with the help of technical expert who have many years of experience in various sectors of IT and telecommunications key customer such as MCI, telecommunication provinces, Companies ZTE, HUAWEI, NOKIA, ERICSSON, MTN, RIGHTEL with relying on the motto of quality, timing and price reduction could honors in the executive and engineering projects achieved that lead to obtain the certificates under and an award:

  1.     Rank of one of the supreme council of informatics from 1388 until now
  2.     Rank of two telecommunications contractor for four years
  3.     Award best contractor in the Middle East and North Africa in 2008 from company HUAWEI

In this ten years PGS has done about 300 billion riyal administrative and engineering projects and now has over 100 billion riyal project underway.

Necessity of implement  engineering projects at national level and large operators are certainly familiar with new technologies, PGS always tries to relying on the latest standards and technologies offer, best technical solution for customers.

Since 2007 until now according to the large volume of projects and need customers to telecom and IT equipment PGS establish commercial and technical department to give appropriate respond to customers need. So PGS has provided operators and telecommunications companies requirement in the form of technical proposals or participate in tenders.

Ability in providing ICT and telecommunications equipment and spare parts

Because of strict boycott PGS and increasing the need of telecommunication and IT companies and because original supplier companies can’t do business with IRAN. PGS has more effort and become agency of international supplier companies and  purchased operators warehouse and sales them and provides the best equipment and best quality. Therefor PGS is now able to provide full telecommunication equipment or spare parts from companies such as Ericsson, Siemens, Cisco, HP, ZTE, HUAWEI, Nokia, NSN, ZYXEL, Alcatel-Lucent with best price with one year warranty valid. This equipment include fixed and mobile switch equipment, BTS, BSC, WLL equipment, Transmission equipment, servers and switches network with License is valid. Our engineers can provide technical solution, PGS has ability to do projects such as EPC.

So far PGS can solve many customers problems such as lack of spare parts or provides new solutions instead of replacing equipment with up to date models.

PGS also can perform executing projects and provides telecom services in the country Like done following activity:

    Installation of WIMAX and BTS 1500 sites in all provinces of the country including parts SA, CW, TI, MW, Drive Test.
    Site survey and design around 2000 BTS sites, Microwave, Telecommunication centers, Switching centers, Data center, Infrastructure centers, …
    To lead some of the largest and most important data centers in country such as ALGHADIR, BAHAR TABRIZ data centers and Core room RIGHTEL , …
    Installation and setup over 1000 rock equipment data in the whole country for IPBB telecommunication projects, Core MTN, IP MPLS country and equipment Access for provinces SEMNAN and ZANJAN.
    Optimization 1200 BTS sites in seven provinces of the country during the two years with best quality.
    Maintenance 450 BTS sites in different provinces with best quality.
    Manpower supply specialist within 3 years for Back Office network Core MTN through HUAWEI company with capacity of 140 people specialist in first level.
    At present this company is one of three companies approved MTN to provide services installation BTS sites into Turnkey.
    Provide solutions and technical proposal, training and consultation in new technologies in the world in areas SKADA, FEMTO Cell, Small Cell, WIFI Outdoor optical transmission systems, …
    Installation sites of 3G and LTE that so far 200 sites have been done successfully in Turnkey.

With accumulating of technical capabilities beside ability commercial this company can provide operators and telecommunications companies and organizations needs in various field ICT.

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