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We were the first company in Iran that has professional optimization project with 1000+ sites and with Huawei technology for 7 provinces. And we were successfully got performance score of 100 for that project from Huawei in 18 months.

Project Definition

  • Work Process
  • Time Plan
  • What have we done till now?
  • Closure


NW elements involved

Project kick off meeting Radio NW Optimization for Project


Dliveries the service to the agreed time schedule, within agreed scope and costs, fulfilling specified quality requirements.


Quality Improvement Process Time plan



MTN-IRANCELL Maintenance optimization project: Project Introduction

  • Project definition:
    • To maintain the targets in KPI
    • To cooperate with the main customer (MTN-Irancell)
    • To retune the New sites and expansion sites to reach the desired KPI
    • ….



MTN-IRANCELL Maintenance optimization project: Project Introduction

  • Engaged departments:
    • Project
      • New sites
      • Expansion sites
    • MSD
      • All sites
    • BSS
    • Core

Scope plan-Work modules

In 16 weeks duration, the following work modules will be taken to all BSC

  • Analysis of Drive Test done before and after optimization
  • Site Audits (Rf Design verification)
  • Data collection
  • Analyse based on DT and Collected data
  • Optimization proposal & Implementation
    • Alarm clearance based on OSS logs and Site audits alarms
    • Frequency Optimization
    • Adjacency Optimization
    • Antenna orientation
    • Antenna tilting
    • Synchronization of BSS features across the board for BSC (mainly Handover and Power Control)
  • Closure

Optimization approach



  • Close phase
    • Lessons learning, how to make it better
    • Project documentation

Key factors to our success

  • Co-operation NW optimization output is very depend on NW maintenance’s co-operation. A second spends on question of “whose faults or who shall do” is a second wasted. Let’s focus on the target, and work as one team.
  • Keep the deadline Optimization project tasks are organized in a logical way, the former tasks are the prerequisite of the following tasks. Therefore, any delay will cause whole project delay.
  • Open communication Go ahead to present your comments, it is not shy if your comments not approached, it will be shy if our project failed.

Team Rule1 We trust each other, we respect each other.

Team Rule2 We say something, we mean it, and we will do it!

Maintenance Optimization

MTN-IRANCELL Maintenance optimization project: Project Introduction

  • Project information:
    • Number of BSCs
    • KPI trend
      • Now
      • improvements
    • Site distribution area
      • Map
      • Provinces
      • Site number
      • TRX number


MTN-IRANCELL Maintenance optimization project: Project Team introduction

  • Team leader
  • BSC managers
    • 10 BSCs,9 BSC managers
    • Average: 4 years of optimization experience
  • BSC assistants
  • DT Team


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